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"My entire experience with Dr. Reingold has been just wonderful. He and his entire staff are extremely caring and efficient. When I found out I had to have foot surgery for my ingrown nail, I was terrified. I have never had surgery before, but the doctor made me very comfortable and his staff helped me calm down. After a speedy recovery, all of my foot pain is gone. I was treated with the best care at Coast Podiatry Group. I would recommend Dr. Reingold and his staff to anyone in need foot care." - Kay M.



"I owe you my deepest gratitude for giving me back my prematurely lost youth. In 2004, at age 46, I trudged like a 90-year-old, in constant pain. In the past, orthotics had not helped; Birckenstocks worked well for a few years then stopped. I didn't know what to short of curtailing my activities (hard to do with young children).

Last year I was skeptical that Dr. Reingold could help me. But after adjusting to my new orthotics, and after reconciling myself to the fact that I had to spend more than $50 for a pair of shoes, the difference was amazing. After a few months, I began to notice a bounce in my gait that I thought I had lost for good. And there was a corresponding uplift in my emotional state, which had grown quite depressed when every step was excruciating.

I am writing now because we just got back from our annual summer trip in the country, where I found myself walking 3-6 miles a day. This was something I used to do as a teenager and had forgotten about it. After the longest walks, my legs ached-but not my feet!

For me, orthotics and good footwear have proved to be a fountain of youth. I wish the same to all of your patients, and I thank you again for your work with me and my family. (My son, whom you also fitted with orthotics, has been accompanying me on some of these excursions, to our great mutual satisfaction.)" - William P. Ph.D.



"At first I was at first a little apprehensive about bunion surgery. Even though it caused me a great deal of pain to walk, I was hesitant about having surgery. However, after meeting the entire team at Coast Podiatry Group, I felt completely at ease with having the surgery performed. Dr. Reingold explained everything to me and it felt good to know what was going on. From the initial x-rays, through the operation and each physical therapy session, I always felt comfortable and calm. The staff here really cares about their patients. It has now been close to a year since my procedure and I'm happy to say that I'm fully recovered. I can dance and hike and run again! Hats off to Dr. Reingold and his talented team." - Martin B.



"Before I came to Coast Podiatry Group I researched several doctors. After seeing all of Dr. Rheingold's certifications and reading about his medical experience I decided to make an appointment. His staff is amazing. They are caring and kind to everyone and Dr. Reingold is incredible. He spends time with his patients and explains procedures. You can tell that he actually cares about his patients and is proud of his work. He loves what he does. His facility is high tech, comfy, and very clean. Dr. Reingold doesn't overbook and he has never kept me waiting. I hope I don't have to have any more foot surgeries, but if I do, I would trust my feet again to Dr. Reingold and his staff. " - Lee J.



"It is simple. Dr. Reingold is the BEST podiatrist in San Diego. As a diabetic I have a lot of foot problems and Dr. Reingold is simply great! I would highly recommend him to anyone. " - Susan S.



"I have had heel pain for as long as I can remember. When I booked an appointment at Coast Podiatry Group I did it for one reason, RSWT. Dr. Reingold is the only doctor in San Diego with this machine. After trying different things to stop my heel pain and having no results I decided to do a little research myself. That is when I learned about radial shock wave therapy and decided to give it a whirl! I am so glad I saw Dr. Reingold. My heel pain is all gone and it was surgery free and pain free. I can't tell you how much gratitude I have toward Dr. Reingold and his staff. They are wonderful people." - Richard B.



"Thank you all for your help and for making the surgery experience so easy and painless. I know it is your job, but is always great to be part of a job well done. So thank you and your team. You all made this experience very pleasant." - John F.



"As a runner I was none to thrilled about my Achilles injury. But thanks to Dr. Reingold I am really recovering well. I ran a half marathon last weekend in 1hour 48 minutes and 19 seconds! I am very happy about the fact that I was able to run it and in a better than expected time. A hundred thank yous." - Mary P.



"I want to thank Dr. Reingold and his staff for all that they have done to provide me with the best orthotics I have ever owned.  My left foot was crushed in an automobile accident in 1988, and until I saw Dr. Reingold, I had worn many different orthotics but still been in pain.  In July, 2010, my Kaiser podiatrist sent me to Dr. Reingold to recover the orthotics I was wearing at the time.  When Dr. Reingold examined my orthoics, he had doubts about the way that they supported my foot, but he agreed to recover them because my Kaiser podiatrist had written a prescription to have them recovered.  Due to his desire to do the best that he can for each of his patients, Dr. Reingold not only recovered my orthotics but spent the next several months making adjustments to them so that they supported my foot better.  During that time, I came to trust his knowledge, expertise, and experience, so when he advised that I would be much happier if he made me custom orthotics, I agreed to give them a try.  Boy, was he right!  My new orthotics are far superior to any I have previously worn.  In addition, he and his staff have been patient and kind during each of the adjustments that he has done to my recovered orthotics and my new ones.  They could have easily had the attitude "Oh no, here he comes again," but their reaction has been just the opposite.  They have wanted me to be as pain free as possible when I am teaching on my feet for hours, and they have succeeded.  I have recommended Dr. Reingold and his staff to several people, and I will continue to do so." - Richard R.

A Satisfied College Professor



"To tell you the truth, I was extremely skeptical the radial shock wave machine (RSWT) would work at all. But, I had intense heel pain due to bone spurs. I did not mind the invasiveness of the rquired operation but I could not afford the long receovery time away from my business. I had a 30% reduction in pain level after the first treatment and it continued to improve with the successive treatments. Now my heel pain is virtually gone. It is spooky how well the RSWT machine works." -Kevin D., Attorney & Counselor at Law

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