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By natalie
April 08, 2011
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Burning sensations in the feet can have a variety of causes.
Fungal infections, such as athlete’s foot, can sometimes result in a feeling of itching and burning. Allergic reactions to the fabrics or dyes used to make shoes or socks can be another cause. Sometimes the problem is systemic. When the burning feeling doesn’t go away, it may be the result of a type of nerve damage called peripheral neuropathy. This can be caused by something that’s easily remedied, such as a nutritional deficiency, or by a much more complicated problem, such as diabetes.

It’s important to treat the root problem to help relieve the burning sensation. People who suffer with this symptom can temporarily relieve the discomfort by literally “cooling” their heels in cool water and using pain relievers. To help avoid this problem, choose cotton socks and don’t spend long hours on your feet. It’s important to seek diagnosis for this problem so that the underlying ailment can be treated. Don’t ignore burning sensations in your feet. See us to find the true cause.


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