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Summer can be a very tempting time to want to kick of those shoes and feel that soft green grass or warm sand on your bare feet. People just can’t wait to toss their shoes aside and wiggle their toes in the cool of the grass, or the lake or ocean water.

Hold on! If you’re diabetic, doffing the shoes can be a serious mistake. According to San Diego podiatrist, Dr. Reingold, dangers to feet and ankles lurk everywhere. From unseen stones to buried glass, diabetic feet are in jeopardy without protective shoes, www.Active is a great place to find sandals and sneakers that are designed for diabetic feet. Sure, anyone can step on a nail, but for diabetics, there are special concerns attached to that type of accident.

A wound to a diabetic foot will heal more slowly because of a compromised blood supply. Peripheral neuropathy means a reduced sense of feeling in the feet. A stone could injure a heel, but because the diabetic doesn’t feel it, the wound might not even be noticed for days. By that time, infection could set in.

Infections can lead to gangrene and even amputation. It’s estimated that 75,000 diabetics lose limbs each year to gangrene from unchecked infections. To avoid this, protect feet and ankles by keeping shoes on. In addition, take a good look at your feet each day. Use a mirror to be sure to check all areas, and inspect feet carefully for cuts, swelling, or red
spots that could be precursors to blisters.

 Foot-care tips:

-       Don’t go bare foot on the beach or in the grass, wear tennis shoes

-       Wear socks with closed toe shoes

-       Clean your shoes, flip flops and feet regularly

-       When in the sun, don’t forget to apply sunscreen to your feet

-       When using nail polish, remember to use the 2 weeks on 2 weeks off rule, do not wear nail polish all the time


For more free foot health tips visit or Don’t let summer’s temptations endanger your feet. Protect them everyday, and if you detect any problems, promptly notify your podiatrist. Your foot doctor can give you more tips to keep your diabetic feet and ankles safe and healthy.


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